TeleMedic Systems provides you with support beyond installation and training



We start planning installation support from the moment you place your order. We often suggest that a site survey is conducted in order to provide valuable information about your use and the network that you would like the VitalLink3 to use when sending data to your Medical Service Provider (MSP). In many cases the survey can be conducted by your team simple completing and returning a survey form, in more sophisticated applications everyone benefits from an onsite survey.

When the agreed installation time is near we contact your MSP to let them know that your VitalLink3 will be online in the near future.  If your MSP already supports the VitalLink there is nothing further for them to do but support the end-to-end "Customer Acceptance Test" (CAT) conducted by your team with our oversight.  If your MSP has yet to support a VitalLink3 user, we help them install our monitoring software and provide them with training in how the application is used so that when it is time for the CAT they will be ready to support.

System configuring

We are often asked why the VitalLink3 has to be configured for use on your network, the answer is simply security and ease of use.  The VitalLink3 is setup with all of the required network access information so that one push of the "Connect" button sends data to the VitalNet server where your MSP can access it in real time to support you.  Your network communication information is compiled in the VitalLink code when we configure the unit so that the data cannot be changed by mistake or copied and used for other purposes.


We provide comprehensive training to ensure that you and your team can use the VitalLink3. Training can be provided at the time of installation to those who will be using the VitalLink, they in turn can train other users as you require. If we are not providing you with installation services, training can be arranged either onsite or virtual as you require. The VitalLink user documentation, including training information, is made available to down load from a webpage setup just for you, access it as often as you need.


The VitalLink3 has been designed to be used in some extreme conditions, as such there is not a great deal of maintenance required. We do strongly suggest that you test the VitalLink3 and all of the associated medical parameters each month to ensure that everything is ready in the event of an emergency. We also suggest that all parameter batteries be changed every year starting from when the system is put into service or after use supporting an emergency.  Following these recommendations should ensure that when you need the VitalLink3 it will be ready to support.

Ongoing support

We have made every effort to build and deliver the best product possible but no one gets it right 100% of the time and accidents do happen.  If you have a problem contact us, we will do what we can to help as quickly as possible.  All the information used to configure and install your VitalLink3 is available to help us guide you through troubleshooting your system and getting it back online quickly.  If the problem cannot be fixed virtually and time is of the essance we can arrange for a replacement unit to be sent to support your operations.