Super Yachts

Super yachts are a special case where the risk of accident or emergency with a young, fit crew is relatively low. However on the other side of the balance is the possible repercussion of late arrival in port, due to a necessary diversion to evacuate an ill person. Is there a business deal hanging on the timely arrival of the yacht? Is the yacht being leased and a medical emergency of guests or crew will throw the whole schedule into turmoil?

VitalLink3 may only be able to prevent a very small number of evacuations but it's value comes in being able to provide the physician with accurate data on which to base the decision to evacuate or not. The physician of course will quite rightly err on the side of caution. However even a cautious approach is better taken with the facts known.

With yachts travelling between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean every year the crew are a long distance from shore based healthcare. VitalLink3 communicating via the yacht's satellite communications system, can inform the yacht's Medical Service Provider and allow the managing agent to control any medical emergencies that may occur.