Oil and Gas

Large numbers of people, remote from hospital care and with an expensive and lengthy evacuation process requires accurate data on which to make a decision.

With a large number of people isolated from the mainland, medical care is always going to be a challenge. The OPTESS project catered for the medical requirements of the Oil and Gas industry with a package of medical peripherals, sending data through a dedicated satellite link to the mainland. OPTESS offered vital signs and ultrasound transmission for an ultimately prohibitive cost of £250,000 per platform. TeleMedic Systems offers a large sub-set of the function of the OPTESS solution for a considerably lower cost.

By consolidating the vital signs into one datastream and sending it through the platform's satellite communications system, VitalLink3 can help the medical service decide whether a patient needs emergency evacuation, can wait for a scheduled flight, or can be monitored in-situ.