Commercial Marine

With time-critical schedules, where delay in one leg of a shipment can affect the scheduling of the following deliveries, accurate and timely diagnosis of a medical problem provides the best care for the injured crew member and minimises decision times. 

The commercial marine business is subject to a great many pressures. Deadlines are often backed up with penalty clauses. Having an ill seaman on board can be stressful for the patient and also for the Captain, who has to make a decision whether or not to evacuate the patient. Good decisions rely on accurate and timely information. VitalLink3 can help to inform that decision by allowing the medical service to see the patient's vital signs in real-time. If the patient can be monitored then perhaps an emergency can be averted. If the situation is desperate, the addition of vital signs information can be lifesaving. In any event, the old adage applies - "If you think information is expensive, try ignorance."