From Antibes to Antarctica, Monaco to Maui, with VitalLink3 on your yacht, your medical service provider can instantly see the vital signs of a sick crew member or guest.

VitalLink is a new product that significantly improves healthcare in remote maritime situations. Having VitalLink on your boat, is the next best thing to having a physician on-board, 24/7.

TeleMedic Systems VitalLink allows physicians treating a patient in a remote maritime situation, to view and assess the patient's vital signs, specifically: EKG, blood pressure, temperature and SpO2 levels in real-time.

The patient's vital signs are sent via the satellite communications system to the Medical Service Provider's call centre, where the physician can see the telemedicine data immediately and in combination with the first aider's description of the emergency, can use the data to inform the patient's diagnosis.

VitalLink can be integrated with most data satellite systems on board commercial ships, oil platforms and superyachts and is designed for ease of use. One button press starts the automatic collection and transmission of the vital signs. No specialised knowledge is needed beyond that of a crew member trained in first aid.