VitalLink3 is a ground breaking new technology for use in hospitals. Because VitalLink3 is a universal interface between medical and IT systems, it can monitor patients and keep nurses up-to-date with patients' vital signs without using up nurses' valuable time in collecting basic information. This leaves the nurse with more time to interact with the patient and look for the signs of illness that are not always reflected in vital signs data. 

Because VitalLink3 is a portable device it can travel with the patient from ward to X-Ray department and because most of the sensors are connected via a Bluetooth wireless signal there are fewer leads to worry about.

TeleMedic Systems is working with its partners to automate the collection of vital signs data in hospitals and to present the data in a manner that saves nurses' time and allows doctors to analyse trends and make decisions based on constant monitoring, rather than intermittent monitoring. Contact us for more information.