Remote Communities

Providing continuous general healthcare to remote communities is expensive and time-consuming. Examination and emergency care requires frequent trips where the journey time may be a significant part of the effort.

In some communities, high bandwidth communication lines have been installed and these are connected to video conferencing and data gathering equipment linking a remote clinic to a major hospital or telemedicine organisation. Many years of theory and experimentation have created well understood processes for managing healthcare in the environments where these facilities have been installed.

However, there are many more communities where the expense of an 'always-on' broadband connection and the associated medical equipment cannot be justified. In these situations VitalLink3 provides a less expensive alternative. Utilising the existing telephone or mobile telephone network, VitalLink3 can provide similar information as some of the more expensive facilities, at a fraction of the cost.

Whether on a remote island or in a remote village, VitalLink3 provides the link to specialist resources and second opinions in real-time. Decisions are better informed and treatment and/or emergency support can be provided in a more timely fashion.