Mining sites are situated in some of the most remote areas of the world. A large community of people, some of them doing hard physical work, requires a clear process to deal with sick or injured people. The primary concern is to provide timely and correct treatment for the patient, but a secondary concern must also be the cost of evacuation to a hospital that may be hundreds of miles away and the well-being of the patient who will have to endure the journey.

VitalLink3 can provide more accurate diagnosis of the patient's condition by allowing specialists to view the patient's ECG and other vital signs remotely. Patients can be monitored and second opinions can be provided by cardiologists remote from the patient and the primary physician.

VitalLink3 can mean different decisions can be made in a more timely fashion. The decision to monitor or evacuate can be made based on real data, which is archived for possible examination by the hospital staff waiting to receive the patient.

VitalLink3 provides optimum healthcare at an optimum cost for remote mining communities.