Leisure and Accommodation

Today it is a cliché that 'the world has gotten smaller.' however it has become more risk averse. It is now common-place to take a mobile phone on every trip, 'just in case.' Vacations to far flung places are common and one assumes that the standard of healthcare in a five star hotel in one of the more remote parts of the world will be taken care of by the insurance company. This is mostly true of course, but the medical service provided by the insurance company will initially be by telephone and the physician will make their diagnosis by relying on the description of the symptoms provided to them by the patient or a third party.

In these situations VitalLink3 can send the patient's vital signs to the physician using the hotel's standard internet connection. Under the cap of the VitalLink3 is a RJ45 interface that can connect to a standard ethernet port. If the patient is in an area supplied with a 802.11 signal the VitalLink3 can connect via wireless sending the patient's vital signs to the insurance company's physician in real-time.