In the Exploration sector are mostly land based telemedicine solutions.

In Leisure and Accommodation we are looking at remote hotels, safari parks and mountain hostels. Usually these locations will have the support of healthcare and repatriation organisations. VitalLink can provide important diagnostic information to help those organisations plan their response to the emergency.

Our Adventure and Exploration subsection explains how we can support situations where there is no fixed satellite system or cellular coverage.

Remote Communities can be small islands where there is no permanent physician, or villages in Africa where a small clinic will care for people in the surrounding local villages.

Mining communities have their own special requirements. In some places technology will be at a high level and satellite communications will be business as usual and in other places there may be very little in the way of technology.

Oil and Gas can also provide extremes. From the small team doing seismic work in the desert, to the large drilling station or refinery with hundreds of people requiring care. Corporate Health and Safety would like to provide the optimum healthcare in both situations and VitalLink provides the ability to have a physician examine the patient in both environments.