An aeroplane is not the best place to be ill. The environment is already different, high altitude, confined space, and despite all the technology, data communications are often poor. VitalLink can send your vital signs in real time to a doctor on the ground even at very low data rates (2400bps).

VitalLink is state of the art medical technology that assists remote medical support of cabin crew during in-flight medical situations. It is small, lightweight and very easy to use, one push of a button automatically sends the patient's vital signs to the telemedicine Medical Service Provider via the aircraft's communications system.

The ground based physician supporting the crew can immediately view and assess the patient's vital signs in real time and this data, in combination with the cabin crew’s description of the situation, enables the responding physician to give much more informed advice regarding the medical condition to the flight crew of the aircraft.

VitalLink is very easy to use and training can be provided as part of the crew’s routine medical training or as a simple course that easily integrates into a web based training system. Regular, routine exposure to the unit will ensure that, if an emergency does occur, the crew will be familiar with the use of the equipment.

The basic VitalLink sensor package consists of NIBP, temperature, SpO2 and 12-lead EKG, however, the unit's flexible architecture provides an upgradeable platform allowing new software and additional features, including future sensor technology, to be deployed quickly and easily at low cost, thus ensuring the best possible return on investment.