We work with a range of leading industry professionals to deliver healthcare everywhere.

TeleMedic Systems offers a range of Medical Sensors to gather and send data to the VitalLink3.  The resulting data stream is sent via networks of some of the biggest names in Communications to your Medical Service Provider.

Medical Sensors from the following global industry leaders are offered:

  • Nonin
  • Corscience
  • SunTech
  • MedLab
  • Exacon
  • SibelMed

The VitalLink3 communication link is full compatible with data services provided by:

  • Iridium
  • Inmarsat
  • Thuray

We are pleased to work with some of the best Medical Service Providers in the world including:

  • The Ming Clinic
  • Hyperbaric Health
  • FutureCare
  • iSOS
  • DDRC

Integration with Electronic Patient Record Systems (EPR) is available for:

  • SystemOne from TPP

TeleMedic Systems is a member of:

  • The WBBA