About TeleMedic Systems

TeleMedic Systems is a world leader in the development of integrated healthcare solutions and telemedicine.

TeleMedic Systems Ltd was founded in 1995 by Alasdair MacDonald and Peter Wrangham to expand on the remote fetal monitor technology pioneered by Alasdair.  The vision, integrate medical devices and Information Technology into an easy to use, portable system that can be used anywhere a data link is available.

1996 - A prototype VitalLink sends data at 2400 bits per second from a US bound United Airlines flight via the aircrafts onboard telephone system.

1998-99 - An advanced prototype of the VitalLink supports the Everest climbing season testing the design and conducting high altitiude medical testing

2001 - The VitalLInk 1200 is brought to the market with full regulatory approval.  Providing EKG, temperature, Non-invasive blood pressure and SPO2 all packaged in a weather proof backpack.

2008 - The next generation VitalLink3 comes to market. The new modular system is a quarter of the weight of the 1200 and has a battery life that exceeds 4 hours of use.

2009 - The VitalLink3 is integrated with SystemOne from TPP, providing the UK's NHS with a tool that can take patients vital signs and send it into their Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

2009 - The VitalLink3 is certified for use over the Iridium Satcom network

2010 - In another first the, the VitalNet pulls information from an NHS EPR and with data sent to the VitalLink3 by a SibeMed spirometer calculates the patient's lung capacity then sends the results of the test back into the patients EPR.

2011 - AS a result of the great recession TeleMedic Systems moves from the UK to the USA

2015 - TeleMedic Systems once again opens a UK office

Our solutions are simple and effective, just as relevant in an aircraft in mid-ocean flight, as they are in a local hospital.

Using the VitalLink3 as a universal interface, we can develop a solution for you - no matter where you are or what your situation.