Enabling Healthcare Everywhere

TeleMedic Systems has developed the simple, easy to use medically approved VitalLink as a link between medical devices and IT / communications systems. The VitalLink receives data from a variety of medical sensors from different manufactures, the resulting real-time telemedicine data is sent over the VitalNet to medical professionals waiting to use the information to guide a first responder or manage an existing condition.

From low bandwidth satellite connections to high speed internet, from wireless to GPRS if a data communication channel is available the VitalLink can connect and send life saving information when you need help.  From the skies above to the depths of the oceans, the VitalLink system is being used today when there is a medical emergency on an aircraft or a ship, provides patient screening in medical practices and general health monitoring in hyperbaric chambers. 

If you could benefit from real time vital signs monitoring contact TeleMedic Systems or one of our partners for more information.

Healthcare, not anywhere but EVERYWHERE!